• Bridge Work, La Crosse, WI

  • Mary D. Hume, Gold-Beach, OR


This website is an ongoing project to which I’ll add images and categories from time to time. I also maintain a blog where you can see what I’ve been up to recently.


One of the purposes for having the site is to showcase my work and to make it available to the public. All of the images are for sale in various sizes and formats. Please contact me if you wish to purchase one or more prints. I mat, sign and date each of them and can provide information on the model.


NOTES ABOUT THE OPENING PHOTOS: The bridge over the Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin was being worked upon and it had been shrouded to prevent materials from falling into the water as well as protecting workers from the wind. The boat “Mary D. Hume” was built in 1881 and retired in 1978. It’s now lying in the mouth of the Roque River at Gold Beach Oregon.


One of my albums is about the Nevada Northern Railroad (NNR) located in Ely in White Pine County in eastern Nevada. The album can be found in the Miscellaneous section. Ely is just north of the Great Basin. The railroad opened in 1906 to haul copper ore to the smelter about 15 miles away. Later passenger service was added. If you’re a steam, coal-fired engine fan NNR has two engines operating and also owns a couple of old diesel engines. In addition they have all types of rolling stock including a snow plow that was built on-site a hundred years ago. The museum offers families a great adventure. At about 6,000 feet elevation the museum is very nice in the summer months. But in winter with several inches of snow they have a Halloween program. At Christmas they have Santa riding the trains. Rail tours are offered that last more than an hour. On certain evenings they offer box lunches and have a couple of geologists who roam the cars explained the rocks and ore-bearing strata you’ll see along the way. If you’re a photographer don’t miss the Photographer’s Day in February. When you look at the photos of the tool cribs note the accumulated dust on the tools; testimony to a dirty shop and how seldom certain tools are used. Visit them online at nnry.com.


My albumĀ Southern Scenes – Louisiana Swamp Scenes documents my visit to Lake Martin north of the town of Breaux Bridge. I was referred to a Cajun boatman named Brian Champagne and we spent a morning cruising the lake. He had great stories to tell. The lake (swamp) is a sanctuary for alligators, other reptiles, birds, fish and mammals. I knew before I went on the trip to the deep south that I wanted photos of a swamp and this adventure more than met my expectations. If you have never been to Louisiana it’s a fascinating state and is truly a “Sportsman’s Paradise,'” their motto.


If you look at the “Gallery Categories” page it will tell you what type of photos are in each gallery. In the case of “Glamour” and “Figure” a gallery may contain both types of images.


I invite your comments and constructive criticism of any and all of my work. The purpose of art is to be controversial so let me know what you think.